In today’s interconnected world what matters is behaviour, not imagery. Brands can do better than showing off: they can make themselves useful. I seek the kind of work which moves and engages, often motivating us into taking some immediate action, endorsing the work or sharing the experience with our friends and peers. My selection is based on a simple consideration: are these ideas that “do” something, rather than just “tell” something?

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New showcase of ideas that do

In today’s interconnected world what matters is behaviour, not imagery:  brands can do better than showing off. they can make themselves useful. In developed countries, tablets and e-readers have become the solution to large, heavy textbooks. But for Philippine public schools students, even the cheapest model is worth more than what their families make in a month. The only gadgets most own are one or two old analog mobiles phones, used mainly for texting. What if you could use these... More

Coming Soon: roundup of Ideas that Do

Today I am delivering a new review of the best 'ideas that do' @promaxuk. Amazing new examples of engaging initiatives, stunts, campaigns and viral ideas from any sector. Watch out for the upcoming posts, in the coming weeks. here's a little taster.
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If Mad Men took over the Asylum – watch the full MGEITF Edinburgh session

[Full session content] Conventional marketing is in trouble. A new breed of advertisers are revolutionising the industry with exciting new ideas which combine creative storytelling, social media interaction, real-world stunts and new technologies ...

Cool Shit: New Directions in Advertising

By Federico Gaggio & Patrick Burgoyne "Cool Shit" started as a presentation at the Promax Conference in LA in 2010. The title was Promax' choice by the way). Patrick (who is the editor of Creative Review) and I set out to put together an inspirati...